Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2015

Samaritan Albany General Hospital

Albany, Oregon


Present: Bill Cohagen, Pedro Cabrera, Jeff Cowgill, Cathy Melero, April Venes, Tim Hutchison, Renee Angstrom, Manya Kanavalov, Norma Driscoll, Marilyn Barclay and Norman Kerr.

 Not Present: Emily Uridil, Joe Dwan, Denise Meyers, Tony Garberg, Joelle Wilson, Mary Jo Eyler, Brad Zwiefelhofer, Gina Cochenour, Mark Brodie, Carl Eckrode and Susan Pfanner

No Visitors

Called to order at 1005 on Friday, November 13, 2015, by President Renee Angstrom.

A quorum was established. Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes: September 11, 2015 Meeting minutes presented via website. Not approved at this time.

 Updated BOD Contact List– updates made to BOD Contact list.

President’s Report: Renee Angstrom-Present-Welcomed Norman Kerr to the Eastern Director position. Norm Kerr exited in 2012 from Secretary position. Glad to have him back. Introductions made. Thanks to all that sent their reports electronically to April Venes pre-meeting. Please continue this request from President and Secretary for future BOD meetings.

Vice President’s Report: Manya Kanavalov-Present;

Conference Report given By Manya. March 2-3rd 2016 OSRC Conference Theme; Excellence in Respiratory Care- The future is you.

  1. Would like to find NICU, Neonatologist speaker? (Bill Cohagen volunteered for potential back-up speaker for gaps) Have pediatric speaker. Dr. Moss not available.
  2. A Grant may be available for travel, room and board.
  3. Were able to confirm Romin William a CF mom to speak.
  4. Manya requested–Contact persons for speakers to submit Bio’s and timeslots speakers unable to speak in as soon as possible. Would like to include this information on the flyers/program.
  5. Conference reminder ‘Save The Date cards’ were sent out. Conference Flyers to go out after Christmas. Vendor email to be sent out by end of November.
  6. Social Mixer hour will be supported by Terlato Wines.
  7. Woodburn ; ‘The Woodlands is shaping up for future site.
  8. Attendee Packets to be put together by Denise and group.

Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay– Report given. Electronic report submitted.  Checkbook balanced. September 2016-16 Budget balanced.

Student Representative; Joelle Wilson from OIT. Report given by Renee. Thank you notes purchased by Secretary for Donors. More Raffle items/list of previous donors requested.

Carl Eckrode has submitted a name for consideration for Student Representative from MHCC. Renee to follow-up on this?

Director’s Reports:

Eastern: Report: Tony Garberg-Not present. No Report given at this time.

Northwest: Jeff Cowgill– Present. Report given. Electronic report submitted.    

1. Legacy Health requested a position statement regarding Registered Respiratory Therapists to be able to work in the role of ECMO Specialist’s from the Oregon Licensing Board and have not had much success.                                                      2. Ace (RT Manager) is requesting the OSRC Board support Legacy’s position to allow Registered Respiratory Therapists to work as ECMO Specialists (Including CRRT) provided that they have had appropriate ECMO training.  The ideal position statement would mirror that of the AARC, ELSO and other institutions currently utilizing RCP’s as ECMO Specialists.

Contacted Ace via telephone and discussion pursued regarding 8 transport mobile team members. Presently 6 Rt’s will be going through the ECHMO specialist program offered at Legacy Emanual hospital in February. Require RT to be registered and have 3years of experience with transports. Requesting OSRC to create a position statement for an ECHMO specialist. There are over 20 states in the US that have ECHMA specialists. Bill Cohagen and Renee Angstrom volunteered to create a position statement and to send to BOD members for approval and edit suggestions as soon as possible.   Renee proposed OSRC to create a position statement.  Pedro 2nd the motion.  No further discussion.  All voted in favor.                                                                                     3. All Hospital systems in Portland/Vancouver are hiring in some capacity—-nights/part time in preparing for a busy winter.                                                                                                   4. Confirmed—Jeff Heltborg as a speaker at the upcoming OSRC conference                                                                              5.  Support Tim—with Reg. Online and vendors.


Northeast: Gina Cochneour –Not Present. Report given Electronically.

  1. Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital:  Change of management.  New manager is Joey Tetz (orvil.tetz@providence.org)  He is also the manager for Willamette Falls Medical Center and Providence Milwaukie Hospital.  Joey did not have any concerns or anything to report at this time.
  2. Legacy Meridian Park:  Nothing to report at this time.
  3. Adventist Medical Center:  George F Ellis, manager:  ” Please address RT’s being able to do conscious sedation in Oregon.  I know we are not allowed to do this through our licensure.  Maybe I have the wrong information”.–  ( I tried to call him to better clarify his question, I did not get an answer).
  4. Did not hear back from Kaiser Sunnyside, Legacy Mt. Hood, Legacy Good Sam, or Legacy Emanuel.

Central Valley: Position vacant. Need suggestions to fill position.

Central Coastal: Emily Uridil Report given. Electronic report submitted.

  1. Santiam Memorial Hospital – nothing to report at this time. They will be using vapotherms (new to them).
  2. Central Oregon – starting at Redmond they will be trialing CHF and COPD teaching for both in and outpatients to help reduce readmissions.
  3. Southern Coos – nothing new to report
  4. Bay Area Hospital – nothing new to report
  5.  Salem Hospital – celebrated RT week with food catered to both day and night shifts! A raffle was held for themed baskets, we had a bake-off and had an overall fun week celebrating our profession.
  6. Messages left for Coquille, Samaritan Pacific, Peace Harbor and West Valley.

Southern: Pedro Cabrera-Present– Report given. Electronic report submitted.

  1. Asante Medford- New position for Pulmonary Rehab Director is open. This position is under direction of the Pulmonary,MD. Experience needed in nutrition, exercise and cessation.
  2. Oregon Institute of Technology-Will be sending a bus from Klamath Falls OIT Campus to Wilsonville OIT Campus with 60 + student to attend the OSRC Pacific Northwest Conference in Wilsonville this coming March.                                                                                        3. 20 new student members signed up for membership to AARC/OSRC with support of program director.

Delegate Report: Joe Dwan Not present-Tim Hutchison– Present. Electronic report to be submitted by Tim.                                                                                                       1.  No new resolutions at HOD meeting. This is the 2nd HOD meeting where this has occurred.                                           2.Mike Madison, President of CSRC is in the process of creating a resolution to petition for RT’s to be supported as COPD Discharge planners.                                                               3. Sherry Mulligan is retiring from the AARC.                              4. For Virtual Lobby Week, a suggestion was made to seek signatures on a petition with name, facility and permission to allow their names to be entered into the Capitol Connection page on AARC website during Lobby Hill Day in support of the TeleHealth Parity Act. These petitions would be handed out to patients MD’s and other healthcare professionals then picked up and entered into website for Virtual Lobby Week..

 PACT Report: Tony Garberg– Not Present. No Report given (See above)

 Committee Reports:

 Sleep Adhoc: Mark Brodie Not Present. No Report given Electronically.

 Education Chair/Scholarship: Norma Driscol Present. Report given.

  1. Deadline for Poster board submissions dates discussed; February
  2. 3 cash awards will be given. Sums are $350 for first place, $250 for second place.
  3. Deadlines for submission changed to February 22nd and February 29th.
  4. LCC is on an every other year admission. 26 students graduated.
  5. In process of doing a curriculum refresh.

 Management Chair: Brad Zwiefelhofer-Not Present. No Electronic report submitted.

MembershipMary Jo Eyler– Not Present-Electronic report given by Marilyn.

  1. 1760  RT’s in Oregon according to the AARC, of those 414 are members of the AARC. While those #’s are really low, when I spoke to Sherri Mulligan , she was encouraged that we have increased our membership by 17% from December 2013 to September 2015. We are one of the few states actually growing in membership; the vast majorities are losing members. This accounts for 23.5% of our membership.
    2. One thing I am hearing is that the AARC is unresponsive; it is seen as a bunch of RT’s who are out of touch with what the rest of us are doing. I think what we need to do is take to social media, everyone is connected in some way, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. We need to emphasize the benefits of membership, such as CEU’s.Did you know that there are 107 CEUs thru AARC; 21 are live, 86 are non-trad and 51 are FREE.
    3. We need to set up Face Book & Instagram accounts to publish little bits of info and pictures of meetings, conferences, RTs doing what we do & encourage RT’s to share their photos, and experiences, there accomplishments & complaints. And then WE need to respond with encouragement, solutions, congrats or what have you. We need to set up Linked In & Twitter accounts to publish links to news from the AARC, NBRC, research papers we find interesting etc. And again encourage others to do so. Some will say we already have a web page, yes, but how many people go to it on a regular basis? I know I don’t, but social media, yes I do.
  2. The AARC suggests that we get a list of RT’s who are members and send thank notes from the board when they renew. When a new member joins, send a welcome packet & perhaps an invitation to sit in on a board meeting to see what happens “behind the scenes”. We can buy a list of new credentialed RTs from the NBRC, not sure of the price though, then we can send cards of congratulations to those who pass exams, either new credentials of any sort & for those continuing to keep previously earned credentials.

Alternate site-Jim Fery-Present. Electronic Report to be given.

  1. Attended COPD program at Emmanuel- Vendors attend to help patients since a large portion of 20% readmissions are poverty stricken and smokers. COPD packets to be given out.
  2. There is a need for reimbursed RT’s for home care to help with this population.
  3. Discussion on competitive bids decreasing and the toll out to rural access (50% then 50%)Rural areas not required to take Medicare patients.
  4. Hill-Rom will do training of chest wall precursors which is proven to be effective for pediatric patients, if there is an interest.

 Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Susan Pfanner, Not present No Report given. 

 OHLA Liaison- Tony Garberg– Not Present. Report given by Bill Cohagen. Senator Merkley in support of HB 2948 PSGT initiative accepted. RRT credential to become minimum.

 Old Business:

  1. Bylaws revisions being done-Bill Cohagen will include the change in term limits for executive offices.
  2. RT program Faculty (Pedro) to share with the students, OSRC is unable to reduce their fees more for volunteering. This is due to the cost of conference costs and food for attendees.

 New Business:

  1. Well wishes sent out to Joe Dwan post surgery.
  2. Andrew Rowe resigned as Central Region Director. Need new Medical Advisor. Possible Intinsivist/ Pulmonologist from Salem Pulmonary Specialists. Bill Cohagen will check.
  3.  Website up and running @ http://osrcpnw.org/ Unable to retain a Website Master. Renee will continue to work on this.
  4. Facebook page re-created by Bill Cohagen. Like us!!

 Next Board of Director’s Meetings

1.) February 19, 2016; Friday @ 10am-2pm. OIT Wilsonville Campus? To be arranged by Pedro.

2.) March 01, 2016; Tuesday @ 6pm. Pre-conference, Wilsonville Holiday Inn.

3.) March 03, 2016; Thursday @ 3pm. Post-conference, Wilsonville Holiday Inn.

Meeting Adjourned at 1348

 Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,                       

April Venes, RRT, BSRC                                       

November 15 , 2015

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