Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 03, 2015

PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center RiverBend

 Springfield, Oregon


Present: Bill Cohagen, Joe Dwan, Pedro Cabrera, Tim Hutchinson, Cathy Melero, April Venes, Susan Pfanner, Norma Driscoll, Renee Angstrom, Joelle Wilson, Mary Jo Eyler, Manya Kanavalov, Marilyn Barclay, Brad Zwiefelhofer and Andrew Rowe.


Present via phone conferencing; Jim Fery


Not Present: Jeff Cowgill, Emily Euridil, Mark Brodie, Tony Garberg and Carl Eckrode,


Visitors: Brittney Bragg-Peace Harbor, Florence.


Called to order at 1001 on Friday, April 03, 2015, by President Renee Angstrom.


A quorum was established.


Approval of Minutes:

Pre and post conference meeting minutes presented via e-mail. (March 3rd & March 5th)

Motioned to approve last meeting minutes made by Marilyn Barclay, Pedro Cabrera 2nd the motion. All voted in favor to approve March 03 & March 05, 2015, BOD meeting minutes.


Updated BOD Contact List– Renee shared an updated contact list. Tim stated Gina the Director of Dalles might be interested in NE Director position.


President’s Report: Renee Angstrom-Present-For future meetings please send all electronic reports to April Venes pre-meetings, if possible. Renee will be sending out roles and responsibilities to those that need it. (Re-send to Jim Fery?)


Vice President’s Report: Manya Kanavalov-Report given.  Manya shared with BOD members the rooms have been established for pre-and post conference BOD meetings by Denise for next year.

-A check is needed from Treasurer for deposit to hold our conference site. May need to look into a room for breakout sessions. —-Pedro will be looking into a room and lunch for the February 19, 2016 BOD meeting at OIT Wilsonville Campus from 10am-2pm. A cafeteria is available.

-Topics and Themes discussed;

1. CODE Blue-Resuscitating Your Profession.

2. Excellence in RT’s – Owning your profession, the future is you.

-Tim reviewed the Vendors Survey with BOD members. The overall vendor experience was very good. Suggestions made were; More time with attendees, have drawings and/or games for participation with vendors, check out Holiday Inn Portland Airport-older hotel but, more room for vendors, would like to see more managers in attendance, and more visits at booths by attendees.

-Marilyn requested a night time activity for next years conference such as; casino night, etc..

-Manya will present Denise @ OHSU, other Denise and Pam @ Providence a token of our Appreciation from the OSRC BOD members.


Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay– Report given. President to gain access to accounts on-line to be able to review balances etc. Discussed overages on 2014-2015 projected budget versus actual budget. April made motion to approve the need for overages for projected vs. actual budget. Tim Hutchinson 2nd the motion. All voted in favor to approve 2014-2015 projected Fiscal year from April 1, 2015-March 31st. 2016 Budget for Board of Directors reviewed and worked on during meeting. Motion made by Cathy Melero to approve Budget for 2015-2016. Bill Cohagen 2nd the motion. All voted in favor to approve the 2015-2016 budget for the OSRC Board of Directors.


Joe Dwan shared Marilyn Barclay nominated for National Sleep Chair Representative.   Congratulations!



Student Representative; Joelle Wilson from OIT.   Report given. Joelle shared information of her involvement regarding 2 large fundraisers that allowed them to send 2 students and herself to the AARC National Meeting. She was also able to procure a $6k grant for benches needed at OIT (Oregon Institute of Technology). During conference acquired the donation of 15 Resmed BiPAP masks. Respironics in process of giving needed donations to OIT also. OIT is in search of a ventilator at this time.   April will contact Carl in regards to a student representative from Mt. Hood Community College and Norma will look into a student representative from Lane Community College.


Director’s Reports:


Eastern: Report: Tony Garberg-No Report given.


Northwest: Jeff Cowgill– No Report given.


Northeast: Vacant.


Central: Emily Uridil-No Report given.


Southern: Pedro Cabrera-Present– Report given. Manager of Asante Regional Medical Center spouse recently deceased. Condolence Card purchased and circulated.


Delegate Report: Joe Dwan-Tim Hutchison– Report given by Joe and Tim. Last

House of Delegate Meeting -Discussion regarding 2015 and beyond plan occurred.. Nothing has been done. A committee to Advance the Profession established to encourage and push the executive offices of AARC into action. The AARC is not in support of removing the CRT credential. CoArc is in support to having RT’s recognized as Registered only. RT is the only health care professional group that still encourages a CRT credential. The CSRC President states there are about 22k RT’s in California. And is taking action to advance the RRT credential Oregon has approx. 1.7k RT’s. The goal is to retire the CRT by grandfathering current CRT’s. To do this there is no need to change Oregon’s licensing law due to the wording that is currently being used.

-Due to the drop in hospital readmissions there may be a push to drop hospital admissions. Discussion about acuity of patients is higher than ever with the decrease in the present day hospital admissions.

-The HOD, Joe and the CSRC President Michael are looking forward to being Advance the Profession having communications with NBRC, AARC, CoARC in the new future.


PACT Report: Tony Garberg– Not Present. Report given by Bill Cohagen. The Medicare Telehealth Parity Act was well received on Lobby Hill Day. We were 11th in the nation with the letter writing campaign.

-Discussed the CNA-2 issue of initiating CPAP/BiPAP. Each hospital will need to discuss what the CAN-2 scope of practice is for setting-up this equipment.

-HB 2305 passed Committee. This coming Tuesday (04/07/2015) there will be a vote in the House. An Amendment has been added to the bill regarding if credentialing exam passed, the candidate will get licensed.   Some of the 6 pathways to getting licensed in Oregon were reviewed. 1. 1600 hours of STAR (Sleep Technology Approved Recourse) Self study=OJT 2. Presently RN or RRT. 3. CoARC approved program. 4. International option. 5. Post inactive sleep personnel.


Committee Reports:


Sleep Chair: Mark Brodie Not Present. Report given Electronically. Attending the 2014 Congress in Vegas was great in dealing with sleep/home respiratory related issues/concerns.  From attending in the day-long sleep pre-conference, specialty group meetings, and many well planned out mini-courses it was great success and well worth!  In our sleep sectional session (only attended by 10 or so), I met with other state sectional chairs/others and discussed how to better to collaborate with each other and how to better market the section by increasing our membership numbers.  Thus between Vegas and next year’s Congress over at Tampa, some of us will be working on a marketing initiative to increase the sectional membership. Please put me down on our next BOD meeting’s agenda to report our sleep section’s membership/recruiting/marketing initiative


Education Chair/Scholarship:Norma Driscol– Present. Report given. Scholarship process went well with scholarship committee members-Manya, Marilyn and Cathy. Only one poster board applicant applied. Discussed the out of state students from on-line programs etc. Residency required? May designate a BSRC category? All transcripts from the three RT schools in Oregon differ. Concerns addressed regarding opening up to all RT’s vs. Students only. Norma expressed the quality of the poster boards are monitored by faculty. Who will be the quality checker for non-student applicants?


Management Chair: Brad ZwiefelhoferPresent. No report given at this time.


Membership: Mary Jo Ehler; Present- Requested number of Members. Suggestions from group regarding role; Bill recommended contacting Gary Wickman for AARC Membership information. Pedro suggested contacting 3 schools in Oregon to give students information on membership and benefits.

Tim recommended going on AARC website. A tool-kit is available for membership

Alternate site-Jim Fery – Report given via Teleconference. Part of documentation team. Discussed the need for correct documentation of orders, equipment, and at time of discharge of patient. More errors committed when Social worker and DC planners are not RT’s. RT staff makes the process go much smdiffer. other for the transitioning patient to get correct items and billing after discharge. Example given where a Oregon facility had filled out bill for O2 incorrectly 3 times.


Pulmonary Rebailitation: Susan Pfanner, RT (President of OSCVPR-Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation) The AACVPR will have Lobby Hill Day in Washington DC September 9-12th, 2015. Next local meeting (OSCVPR) will be held Saturday, October 17th, 2015, at Albany Hospital.  Rembursement for Puylmonary REhabilatation is going well. AARC/AACVPR has a pulmonary toolkit to calculate costs. There is an increased amount of charge to hospitals via GOLD Code. Thanks to GINA.

Expressed interest in newletter.Breath Sounds for sharing events and other hospital news. April Venes, Susan Pfanner and Brittney Bragg will begin working on Hospital/ RT highlights.


OHLA Liaison- Tony Garberg– Not Present. Report given by Bill. Discussed polysomnography licensing issue. OHLA website for more details.

Cathy to prepared and sent OSRC letterhead note with President’s position on polysomnogrphy pathways safety issue to OHLA. Cathy, Marilyn, Bill, Manya and April shared thoughts on difficulties and the potential problems of pathways especially those experienced at recent public hearing. More to come regarding the next steps with a passing vote via House Health Care Committee.


Old Business:

Extensive discussion continued on the HB 2305 Polysomnograhy bill. Webmaster information given.


New Business: Bill Cohagen showed the AZ lapel pin. Bill maded a motion to create an OSRC lapel pin to be avaliable for sale at 2016 Annual conference. Cthy 2nd the motion all voted in favor to order OSRC lapel pins for 2016 OSRC annual conference.

-200 OSRC envelopes and letterhead to be ordered from local Eugene print shop, when needed.

-Marilyn Barclay has submitted proposed acceptable licensing polysom. pathways for review. Discussed The Senate will be voting soon. May need to have a march or other actions to show OSRC and members opposition in passing this bill due to safety issues and pathway concerns. Site; 700 Summer St. Salem Oregon.


Next Board of Director’s Meetings


1.) June 12, 2015; Friday @10am-2pm Silverton. To be arranged by Renee Angstrom.

2.) September 11, 2015; Friday @10am-2pm. Salem. To be arranged by Manya

3.). November 13, 2015; Friday @ 10am-2pm. Albany. To be arranged by Marilyn

4.) February 19, 2016; Friday @ 10am-2pm. OIT Wilsonville Campus?. To be arranged by Manya.

5.) March 01, 2016; Tuesday @ 6pm. Pre-conference, Wilsonville Holiday Inn.

6.) March 03, 2016; Thursday @ 3pm. Post-conference, Wilsonville Holiday Inn.


Meeting Adjourned at 1340


Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,

April Venes, RRT, BSRC

April 15, 2015

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