Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 06, 2015

Samaritan Community Center

Lebanon, Oregon


Present: April Venes, Pedro Cabrera, David Buckwalter, Tim Hutchinson, Tony Garberg, Cathy Melero, Renee Angstrtom, , Manya Kanavalov and Marilyn Barclay.


Not Present: Jeff Cowgill, Carmen Lohkamp, Joe Dwan, Susan Pfanner, Mark Brody, Norma Driscoll, Carl Eckrode, Ted Welker, Ashley Weimer, Leann Forsythe, Brian Peacock and Joelle Wilson.


Called to order at 1006 on Friday, February 06, 2015, by President Cathy Melero.

A quorum was established.

Approval of Minutes:

June 06, 2014 meeting minutes presented via e-mail and during meeting. (Correction of Conference Dates to March 4-5-(Pre conference meeting March 3rd @6pm and Post Conference Meeting March 5th TBD.)

Motioned to approve last meeting minutes by Marilyn Barclay, Tony Garberg 2nd the motion. All voted in favor to approve June 06, 2014 BOD meeting minutes.


Updated BOD Contact List– See attachment. (Marilyn passed RPGST, Dave graduated with MHA,.Congratulations to both)


President’s Report-Cathy Melero-Communication between Denise, Dave and Carmen needs improvement. Dave will speak with Denise and update Carmen on progress regarding a meeting and speakers.


Dave Buckwalter Dave working on cancellation policy: Inclusion of $50 cancellation fee. Add an ‘at door’ fee increase on registration form and a ’Weather’ clause.


Conference Committee group organized with 2-3 year commitment.

Program Committee members are: Denise Meyers, Jeff Cowgill, Dave Buckwalter, Diane Shiling, Denise Kromer, and Renee Angstrom. 1st Meeting-August 15, 2014. Carmen, Renee and Tim Present. Dave, Denise, Jeff


Vice President’s Report: Carmen Lohkamp –Not Present. Report given on August 15, 2014 meeting. See attachment. Discussed speakers and topics.


IMPORTANT; Find sponsors for all speakers to cut stipens and other costs.

Dave Buckwalter has signed contract for 2015 Wilsonville for food site etc.

And working on cancellation policy: Inclusion of $50 cancellation fee. Add an ‘at door’ fee increase on registration form. Weather clause inclusion.


Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay– Report given. Tax issue addressed-mistake recognized and the numbers are now right. Time to go forward.

US Bank Balances:

June 2014       21,502.50
July 2014         21, 502.50

August 2014   21, 684.03


June 10         180.00

August 20       852.00-Revenue Sharing AARC


June 9             204.84- Dave Buckwalter

June 9           187.00- BOD lunch costs

June 17         5000.00- Holiday Inn

June 27         639.00- Joe Dwan

August 8        706.47- Joe Dwan


Student Representative; Joel Wilson not present. Is waiting for assignments.


Director’s Reports:


Eastern: Report: given by Tony Garberg.Hepner hospital adjusting to electronic record keeping. Sleep lab closed. Pendleton has new manager Sheila Ashbeck. Rob Moreno? Good Shepherd Healthcare in Hermiston is working on two projects. Education suite with sim. lab room and a surgery expansion. Tony is the interim DME manager.


Northwest: Jeff Cowgill– Report given by Jeff. Made contact with Ace Nilson at Portland Providence St. Vincent.OHSU has positions open-2 day positions and even more noc. postitions. Concorde College is having a transitioning staff.


Northeast: Vacant.


Central: Manya Kanavalov- Report given Chuck McGhee retired as manager at Peace Health River Bend. Rosie Colombe new RT manager. McKenzie Willamette Hospital manager retired. In-house RT to take her place.


Southern: Pedro Cabrera-Present– Report given. Jim Hulse is still interested in speaking at next OSRC conference.


Delegate Report: Joe Dwan-Tim Hutchison– Report given by Tim. See attachments sent pre-meeting. HOD report attached in these minutes. Both resolutions passed at last HOD meeting that OSRC BOD members voted on during June meeting. Ethics ‘horizontal harassment issue and Student fund for HOD meeting


PACT Report: Tony Garberg– Present. Report given. No new news onHR 2619. The movement of the bill stalled.


Committee Reports:


Sleep Chair: Mark Brodie No Report given.


Education Chair/Scholarship: Norma Driscol– Not Present. No Report given. OSRC waiting to hear from the potential LCC Student Representative.


Management Chair: Marilyn BarclayPresent. No report given.

Membership: Brian Peacock and Leeann Forsythe-Not present. No report given.

Audit: Tim Hutchison- No report at this time.


Alternate site-Ted Welker-Not Present-No Report given.


Pulmonary Rebailitation: Susan Pfanner, RT (President elect-OSCVR-Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation) submitted to April who then presented at BOD meeting information regarding; Next OSCVR meeting/conference will be held Saturday, October 11 all day at Salem Hospital.   Looking for support on Bill S.382 that amends the bill allows PA’s, Nurse Practitioners and Clinical nurse specialist to supervise cardiac, and pulmonary rehab programs.


OHLA Liaison- Tony Garberg– Present. Report given by Tony. Discussed polysomnography licensing issue. September 29th Public Hearing-Suggested those that are able to make this for comment 700 Summer St. Salem Oregon. Contact Tony or OHLA website for more details. Next OHLA meeting October 17, 2014 Salem.

Cathy to prepare and send OSRC letterhead note with President’s position on polysomnogrphy pathways safety issue to OHLA.


Old Business:

Discussion continued on the Polysomnograhy rules being opened-will wait for rules to close. May need to prepare for licensing pathways safety issue, if needed.

New Business:

Name change-Reg-online to Lanyon.


Next Board of Director’s Meetings

1.) November 14, 2014 Friday @ 10am-2pm.

Salem Hospital Manya to se-up room and food.

2.) Conference Committee Members Meeting only

a. February 6, 2014 Friday-To be set-up by Carmen

3.) Pre-Conference BOD meeting on March 3rd @ Holiday Inn Wilsonville @ 6pm.

To be arranged by VP

4.) Post-Conference BOD Meeting in March 5th @ Holiday Inn Wilsonville. @ TBD

To be arranged by VP


Meeting Adjourned at 1340


Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,

April Venes, RRT, BSRC

February 15, 2015

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