Oregon Society for Respiratory Care
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 19, 2016
Oregon Institute of Technology
Wilsonville, Oregon

Present: Bill Cohagen, Pedro Cabrera, Jeff Cowgill, Cathy Melero, April Venes, Tim Hutchison, Renee Angstrom, Manya Kanavalov, Joe Dwan, Joelle Wilson, Marilyn Barclay, Brad Zwiefelhofer, Tony Garberg, Norman Kerr and Dave Crone.

Not Present: Emily Uridil, Denise Meyers, James Fery, Mary Jo Eyler, Gina Cochenour, Mark Brodie, Norma Driscoll, Carl Eckrode and Susan Pfanner

Visitors via video conference-Jeff Pardy, Travis Chagnon, Stacy O’Keeffe and Evan Mew

Called to order at 1008 on Friday, February 19, 2016 by President Renee Angstrom.

A quorum was established. Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes: September 11, 2015 and November 13, 2015 meeting minutes approved via email vote pre-meeting.

Updated BOD Contact List- Updates made to BOD Contact list.

President’s Report: Renee Angstrom-Present.
-Welcomed Dave Crone as New Student Representative from Mt. Hood Community College. Renee continued to reiterate the request to all directors and BOD members to send electronic reports to April for the ease and accuracy of recording meeting minutes.
-Request made to Regional Directors to speak to Manager’s about conference and letter writing for virtual lobby week on AARC Capitol Connection. Asked Bill Cohagen place a link for conference and AARC Capitol Connection on Facebook.
-Add Capitol Virtual Lobby Week letter writing campaign information to a flyer into attendees folders or to the conference Program. This to be followed-up by Manya.
-Moderators to mention this during the conference.

Vice President’s Report: Manya Kanavalov-Present;
-Jeff Cowgill reported on the number of conference attendees registered at 153 as of 02/19/2016.
-Tim Hutchison reported Dr. Driesen donated 4 vouchers for the Elizabeth Street Inn located in Newport again this year.
-Need to add a thank you for his donation
-Conference Report given By Manya. March 2-3rd 2016 OSRC Conference
1. AV person needs his room compensated for this year’s conference. Duanne Forrand (AV Person) called April and Tim to advise us that he has been ill for a month. Hopes to be better by conference but wanted us to plan a back-up plan just in case. He will contact April V. Friday, February 26, 2016 with update. April is able to be A/V person on Wednesday but, cannot be there all day on Friday due to unavoidable circumstances at this time.
-Tony has completed the 13 CEU requirement process with AARC. Evaluation forms are being readied and will be placed in the attendees’ folders. Certificates for CEU’s are also a work in progress with hopes of having less to fill-out when awarded.
–$300.00 cork fee is still being negotiated for the 2 hour social event from 5:30pm-7:30pm on Wednesday.
-Bill proposed that the monies from raffle be used to fund scholarships, poster board competition and the rest go into the OSRC budget.
-Woodburn will not be an option for the 2017 conference site. Wilsonville site will need to be retained at this time.
-April needs folders to handout to new members containing OSRC bylaws, etc.
-Last year in survey vendors and other participants’ results, they requested more time to socialize, etc. We will accommodate this request by extending breaks and adding the wine tasting social event this year at 2016 conference.

Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay- Present. Report given. Checkbook balance reviewed and will be balanced by next meeting. Discussed the need to have the yearly budget proposal prepared for pre-conference/ annual budget meeting to vote on at that time.

Student Representative; Joelle Wilson from OIT. Report given Thank you notes passed for signatures for donors of Raffle items. Joelle had listed and shared all the items with BOD Members. Thanks given to Joelle for all her diligent efforts.
-Discussed the raffle of gun procedure.
-Raffle vs. Silent Auction and Live Auction. Pedro and Cathy volunteered to be Raffle co-chairs on Wednesday during conference.
Running Y Ranch discussed as a site for future conference discussed. Discussed the option of having the time changed for summer attendees. Vendors will be polled to see what time of year is best for their participation by Tim Hutchison/Jeff?
Artwork should be pre-sold if buyer firmed up.
Travis and David students from OIT and Mt. Hood volunteered to assist at registration table selling OSRC lapel pins. Evan to take photos at conference.

Director’s Reports:

Eastern: Report: Norman Kerr-Present. Report given electronically. Appreciation given for sending report to April V.
-Blue Mountain Hospital, John Day- Short-staffed, have an opening. I told him about the OSRC website jobs page. Needed a resource for billing and coding issues, sent him a link to MedLearn for reference material.
-Harney District Hospital, Burns- Touched base with Stephanie, sent her my contact information and offered the OSRC and AARC as resources. Well received.
-St. Anthony Hospital, Pendelton- They are doing well, new hospital and forward-looking administrative team. Currently no issues to report.
-Wallowa Memorial Hospital, Enterprise- No issues, offered OSRC/AARC as resource, gave my contact info.
-St. Alphonsus Ontario- No issues, spoke with tech on-site. Regional manager is in Boise, no info.
-Good Shepherd Hospital, Hermiston- RT numbers down, no positions open, Hospital is going great.
-Grande Ronde Hospital, La Grande- Recent leadership changes in the RT department. New interim manager is Norm Kerr RRT. Looking for a new manager as well as an Echo Tech. Currently going through a Joint Commission survey as I write this!
-St. Alphonsus Baker City- No current issues or job openings. Hospital is slow enough they are taking time off now and then.

Northwest: Jeff Cowgill- Present. Report given. Electronic report submitted. Shared a ‘Hypothermia and ECMO-‘Miracle on Ice’ article from Outside Magazine titled; How the New Science of Freezing Can Save Your Life’ http://www.outsideonline.com/2046306/science-of-freezing ‘
Number of staff has increased at all facilities in Northwest region.

Northeast: Gina Cochneour -Not Present. No Report Given. President Renee requested an electronic report given to April V. OSRC april.venes@oit.edu for next meeting.

Central Valley: Position vacant. No Report Given
Central Coastal: Emily Uridil- Not present. No Report given. President Renee A. requested an electronic report given to April V. OSRC april.venes@oit.edu for next meeting.

Southern: Pedro Cabrera-Present- Report given. Appreciation expressed to Pedro for setting up location at Wilsonville OIT and for providing video-conferencing equipment and arranging the food. Bus from OIT to conference is ‘in the works.’ January issue of ‘Veterans For War’ Re: HBO for PTSD was discussed. Pedro will investigate to see if there are actual facts based on this HBO treatment for PTSD. Encouraged the BOD members to review and express concerns and/or comments to magazine.
–OIT ready to begin Master’s for RC. (Advanced degree with and emphais on RC.)- M.S. degree in Allied Health at Oregon Institute of Technology, effective Spring 2016.

Delegate Report: Joe Dwan and Tim Hutchison- Present. No new news to Report.

PACT Report: Tony Garberg & Bill Cohagen- Present. Report given by Bill Cohagen. 6 of 7 Representatives from Oregon have appointments with Tony and Bill in Washington, DC. on Hill Day.(Congressman DeFazio is the last to commit.)-Will give OSRC lapel pins to each OR Rep. at their visits in DC.
-HB 2948 will need support with letter writing campaign during Virtual Lobby Week. Go to AARC Capitol Connection to submit letters daily. Regional Directors to contact Managers to request letter writing at each facility.

Committee Reports:

Sleep Adhoc: Mark Brodie Not Present. No Report given Electronically. President Renee requested an electronic report given to April V. OSRC april.venes@oit.edu for next meeting.

Education Chair/Scholarship: Norma Driscol- Not Present. Electronic Report given to Renee. Thank you Norma for submitting your report per President’s request. You are appreciated.
-Several scholarships were reviewed and scored by Marilyn, Bill and Cathy. The top four chosen included 2 AAS students and 2 BSRC students. At this time Jereemy Plambeck is the only student that has been nominated by faculty at OIT and submitted a poster board as required by the competition rules. He is entitled to have the conference fees waived and will need a table to display his poster board preferably in or close to the vendor area. Bill and Jeff volunteered to judge the poster boards and will arrange a time and location that is best for presenting.
1. Deadlines for submission; February 22nd and February 29th.

Management Chair: Brad Zwiefelhofer- Present. No report at this time. Discussed the Regional Directors’ need to share and keep Brad and Secretary notified of Manager contact and up dated contact information.

Membership: Mary Jo Eyler- Not Present- No Electronic report given. President Renee requested an electronic report given to April V. OSRC april.venes@oit.edu for next meeting.

Alternate site-Jim Fery- Not Present. No Electronic Report given. President Renee requested an electronic report given to April V. OSRC april.venes@oit.edu for next meeting.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Susan Pfanner- Not present No Report given. Retired from OHVI and is very busy as President OSCVPR. Resignation given.

OHLA Liaison- Tony Garberg- Present. Report given at this time. Tony Garberg, James Hulse and Joe Dwan are all members of the OHLA board of director’s. Next OHLA meeting is March 18, 2016 in Salem.
The RRT credential to become minimum and ECMO letters will be followed-up by Renee.

Old Business:
1. Bylaws are at the AARC and awaiting review.
2. Website-Renee had lengthy discussion with Nate the past Website Manager. All the costs were broken down line per line and the total costs came to $175/mo.
(Maintenance, back-up, check-ups, OSRC website domain issues, etc.) Will continue to review and consider alternatives-GoDaddy $60.00/month, an IT administrator will assist with WordPress for $25-$35/hour.
-Renee renewed Domain for $89/year for 2 years expires March of 2018
-Consider linking checking acct. to auto-pay?
4. Motion made by April to keep current minutes of 2014-2016 and beyond posted on OSRC website.
5. Renee would to like see the military liaison position filled in 2016. Will promote position at conference and VA Medical facilities in Roseburg Eugene and Portland. Regional Directors to investigate potential appointees?

New Business:
1. Pedro being replaced by Jeff Pardy for Southern Regional Director next term. 2. Mary Jo Eyler gave her resignation.
3. Renee created an ‘Application of Interest’ to be given to those interested in joining the BOD at conference. Possibly put in conference attendees’ folders?
4. VACANCIES- Membership Committee position. Public Awareness positions vacant soon. -David Crone expressed interest in Public Awareness after graduation?
5. Much discussion concerning BOD member’s participation and benefits of OSRC compensating Conference Registration fees. Bill and Renee will draft an outline on requirements for OSRC compensation of registration fees. Not all BOD members qualify.
5. New OSRC Medical Advisor-Dr. Marty Johnson.. Pulmonologist/Intensivist from Salem @ Pulmonary Specialists. Joe Dwan made a motion for OSRC to pay for AARC membership. Norm Kerr 2nd the motion all voted in favor.
6. Would like to begin giving OSRC Presidents lifetime membership after completion of their term.
7. Website ideas shared; RT spotlight and more photos– http://osrcpnw.org/
8. Check us out on Facebook. Like us!!
9. Norm Kerr created maps of Region boundaries. Requested updates and changes in boundaries and will further the work on this project.
—Regional Directors need to be persistent in making contact with all hospital managers in their region before each meeting. President Renee requested an electronic report given to April V. OSRC april.venes@oit.edu for next meeting.
10. Marilyn Barclay Treasurer to prep Budget proposal for Tuesday Pre-conference meeting for Budget approval at this meeting.

Next Board of Director’s Meetings

1.) March 01, 2016; Tuesday @ 6pm. Pre-conference, Wilsonville Holiday Inn.
2.) March 03, 2016; Thursday @ 3pm. Post-conference, Wilsonville Holiday Inn.
3.) June 17, 2016; Friday @ 10am-2pm. Woodburn Convention Center. To be arranged by Renee.
4.) September 16, 2016; Friday @10am-2pm. Eugene, OR. To be arranged by April
5.) November 18, 2016; Friday @ 10am.-2pm. Salem, OR. To be arranged by Manya
6.) February 17, 2017; Friday @ 10am-2pm. OIT Wilsonville Campus. To be arranged by Jeff Pardy.

Meeting Adjourned at 1339

Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,
April Venes, RRT, BSRC
February 23, 2016

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