Oregon Society for Respiratory Care
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2015
Woodburn Family Medicine, Silverton Health
Woodburn, Oregon

Present: Bill Cohagen, Manya Kanavalov, Renee Angstrom, Cathy Melero,
Marilyn Barclay, Norma Driscoll, Tim Hutchinson, James Fery, Emily Uridil,
Mark Brody, Joe Dwan, Pedro Cabrera, Carl Eckrode

Not Present: Tony Garberg, Joelle Wilson, April Venes, Brad Zwiefeldhofer,
Andrew Rowe, Mary Jo Eyler,

Visitor: Brittany Bragg-Peace Harbor, Florence

A quorum was established.

Approval of Minutes:Motioned to approve last meeting minutes by Marilyn Barclay, Manya Kanavalov second the motion. All voted in favor to approve April 03, 2015 BOD meeting

Director’s Report:
Northeast: Gina Cochenour is interested in the position.
Northwest: Jeff Cowgill – not present- no report
Central: Emily Urdil – present-no report given: Marilyn Barclay had an update
on what is going on at Samaritan Health Services. Lebanon is remodeling and
adding forty bed long-term care center. They are partnering with Vibra. Albany
is to build new hospital and new ER and Urgent care by I-5. They will be
building a total of four new Urgent Cares. Albany and Corvallis will be combining sleep labs to a new one in North Albany. Corvallis looking into opening up a NICU. Newport passed a bond to build a new hospital. Florence is expanding byeight beds. New construction has started.

Central: Andrew Rowe – not present – Reported by Renee Angstrom: St.
Charles Madras Hospital has working supervisor out on leave. One day shift
therapist at this time. Samaritan Pacific Communities has RT job opening varied shifts. Pacific Communities has concerns about giving our job away by
relinquishing cardiology skills. Lower Umpqua, talked with working therapist
who was very negative about profession and not very friendly. Silverton Hospital is LOI with Legacy. McKenzie-Willamette Hospital has a new tower being built. There is no change in census just upgrades. There is a RT per diem job opening and is asking for experience.

Southern: Pedro Caberra-report given: Curry General Hospital will now have
an ED in Brookings, OR. The will have MD, RN and RRT at their new location.
One of OIT RCP grads, Erica Garvey, just got hired there. Sky Lakes Medical
Center is converting to EPIC computer system so all of RT department is on a
steep learning curve. Asante Ashland has two state of the art ventilators, 840,
and all of the therapists are involved in neonatal care. Providence Medical
Center Medford, the Respiratory Care staff is working on getting trained in CAP 20 End-tidal CO2 measurements for sleep apnea in the hospital.

Eastern: Tony Garberg-not present- no report given

Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay- Report given-(sent to April Venes and
Renee Angstrom)
Oregon Society for Respiratory Care Treasurer’s Report; Bank Statements for
April and May sent to April and Renee also.
Expenses April , May, June 5, 2015 $942.74
Expenses March -Present 2015 $942.74
Total Expenses to date $942.74
Income April and May 2015 $6340.17
Total Income to date $6340.17
Bank balance as of 5/31/15 $42,910.54
Outstanding checks $560.94
Outstanding deposits $0
Balance of $42,349.60

Delegate’s Report: Tim Hutchinson and Joe Dwan- present- report given by Joe Dwan. No resolution for 2015 and Beyond because California Society for
Respiratory Care is angry with the AARC. California feels that the AARC has
failed to move forward with 2015 and Beyond. California President asked Tom
Kallstrom to visit while Tom was in San Francisco. Tom said no. Frank Salvatore was receptive to move forward. A committee was suggested by Joe who tried to mediate. Bob Bentz was to head the committee to move forward and Joe was not asked to be part of the committee. California is calling a code blue on the profession. CMS wants readmission rates at zero. Blue Cross Blue Shield is proposing maintenance medications not be reimbursed in acute care centers. National Sleep meeting in Seattle. Blue Cross Blue Shield are not going to pay for in lab titration studies. Next Delete meeting is in five to six weeks in Phoenix, Arizona.

PACT – Bill Cohagen- Report given: Tony Garberg and Bill Cohagen have
meetings set up in August to meet with House Representatives and Senators.
They should be back in Oregon State then. Tony and Bill will meet with them
about the Telehealth Bill.

Committee Report:
OHLA Liason: Tony Garberg – Not Present. Joe Dwan – Report Given: OHLA is looking into making RRT minimum for the state for licensure. Bill Cohagen sent a letter to the OHLA Board in the support of making RRT minimum. The program directors of the colleges and the OSRC are supportive. The update on Oregon HS 2305 is the bill passed. The bill has been signed by the Governor. The national standard is to have college educated sleep techs.
Alternative Site: Jim Fery- Report given: It is time for another round of
competitive bidding. The DME companies are going through a lot of changes. A company low-balls the bid, and then they subcontract with the DME companies in the state. The appeals to House Representatives and Senators to look at competitive were denied. At Emanual, Norco shows up to COPD rounds. They sit down with a list of patients who are being discharged home. This is to cut down on COPD readmits. It is a chance for the patient to get new masks, filters, and oxygen. When the discharge planners are RNs and social workers, this helps with accurate paperwork and orders so that CMS will not deny claims.

Public Relations: Carl Eckrode – no report: He stated he was looking at Mt.
Hood having a bachelor’s program for Respiratory Care. He asked if the board
was in support of this. Yes, the board is in support.

Education: Norma Driscoll – Report given: June 15, 2015 CPFT and RPFT will
combine tests. Midyear the information about scholarships will go out to
educators. Twenty-six students graduate from LCC this year. Twenty students
graduate from MHCC. It was mentioned that there should be more participation
for the poster board from OIT. It is challenging to motivated people to be
involved with the poster board presentations. Next year, thirty students have
been admitted to the program. Enrollment is now every other year due to
decrease budget and decrease admittance. LCC has cut three programs.

Sleep AdHoc: Mark Brodie – report given: The AARC Interim Sleep chair is
Peter Allen from Pennsylvania. Mark talked with him about the untapped
potential in sleep at the national level as well as the state level. They would like
to develop a job description and do an online survey for members who are in
sleep. They are looking for common interests and proposal for topics for Tampa. Teresa Krupski, the president of the BRPT, is looking for educational material for sleep. The sleep conference in Skamania is in March. There may be CEU opportunities for sleep techs. Half of the sleep techs are RTs. RT’s question the longevity of the sleep profession. Could there be two or three classes at the OSRC conference dedicated to sleep? Day two of the conference would be a good time to have a breakout session in the side conference room. Maybe set a limit of people to assess interest in the sessions. Mark Brodie becomes member of the conference committee.

Vice President/Conference Report: Manya Kanavalov – report given: All
members of the board voted on theme for 2016 conference. Results: Excellence
in Respiratory Care – The Future is You. Manya is asking for doctors to speak.
Joe Dwan knows a Kaiser physician who might to a talk. Brittany Bragg will ask a physician in Florence on infection control. Cathy Melero will ask Dr. Goldner if she will speak on sleep. Carl Eckrode volunteered to talk on MERS. The feedback from the vendors was that they would like more time during lunch. It was suggested to give away prizes during that time. A discussion about a special event in the evening. Casino night, there is unknown costs. We can have our own card dealers. Wine tasting is an option but has liability issues and a pouring license. We are still looking for places for 2017. Norma, April and Tim will be looking into places. Jim Frey will be looking into sponsors for folders for the conference. Folders with logos and photo might increase the price. Norma suggested keeping. “The Excellence in Respiratory Care…” the focus of the conference every year. Lapel pins price list will be sent to Renee. It was suggested that a free lapel pin for a designated time period for the people who register on RegOnline early.

New Business: Bill Cohagen is reviewing the Bylaws for AARC review. Cathy
Melero volunteered to be on the committee. He will have a report for the next
meeting. Propose to petition the Licensing Board to change regulation to limit
online CEU requirements. Perhaps this will help increase the attendance of the
conference. Bill will follow up with Shawna on how many states limit online
CEUs. The audit committee will be made up of Regional Directors and the

JuniorDelegate. It is estimated the audit meeting should last about one hour if
organized. The committee is made up of Pedro, Emily, and Tim. They will meet
September 18th in Salem with checks, tax information, and miscellaneous
treasurer information. Cathy Melero will make a data base of the offices and the proposed term dates. Then will post on the website to ask for nominations for open offices. Cathy Melero will send update on elected positions to Renee Angstrom. She will post on website for nominations.
Meeting adjourned at 1:07pm.

Respectfully submitted by Cathy Melero July 8th, 2015

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