Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2016

Woodburn Health Center

Woodburn, Oregon


PresentBill Cohagen, Jeff Cowgill, Cathy Melero, April Venes, Renee Angstrom, Joe Dwan, Travis Chagnon, Joelle Wilson, Marilyn Barclay, Norma Driscoll, and Ray Tackett. (Bold represents voting members)


Not Present: Tony Garberg, Denise Meyers, Norman Kerr, Tim Hutchison, James Fery, Dave Crone and Brad Zwiefelhofer, Manya Kanavalov and Gina Cochenour.

Called to order at 1005 on Friday, June 17, 2016 by President Renee Angstrom.

A quorum was established. Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes: March 01, 2016 and March 03, 2016 pre and post conference BOD meeting minutes approved with corrections made.


Updated BOD Contact List– Updates made to BOD Contact list.

President’s Report: Renee Angstrom-Present.

-Welcomed Ray Tackett as New Central Regional Director. Swearing in of Ray Tackett as voting board member took place by President.
-Welcomed Travis Chagnon as New Student Representative from OIT. –

-Renee continued to reiterate the request to all regional directors and BOD members to send electronic reports to April for the ease and accuracy of recording meeting minutes.

An OSRC list for Board members was passed around to declare any potential conflicts of interest.


Vice President’s Report: Manya Kanavalov; Not present-Report given from Evaluation of conference. Further discussion ensued.

-Need for Potential Speakers-Suggestions given. Tony Dewitt, Jim McGuire and,

-Medical Director Dr. Nunez

-Discussed an option of vendors-3 tier system vs. increasing vendor registration

-Will look further into alternative approaches to encourage more attendance. (After hours entertainment, river, cruises, etc.)

OSRC AV equipment purchase discussed. Bill will investigate costs and have report next meeting.

-Discussed student retention on OSRC board and conference attendance. Students are needed to represent our state and profession.




Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay– Present. Report given. Proposed Budget 2016. Oregon Society for Respiratory Care Treasurer’s Report-June 17, 2016

Expenses; 4/1/2016- 6/16/2016            $0

Income;   4/1/2016- 6/16/2016            $4930

3/28/2016 Regonline 2005477 2719.47 2016 conference
4/19/2016 Samaritan Health 1000215064 575 2016 conference
4/12/2016 AARC 40625 1507 revenue sharing
4/12/2016 AARC 4626 129 revenue sharing

Bank balance as of 5/31/2016                       $58,516

Outstanding deposits                                   $0

Outstanding credit card charges            $0

Outstanding checks                                   $740.96-2 checks from Stevens Integrated Solutions

Balance as of 6/16/2016                       $57,775

Balance as of 6/2015 was approximately $42,874

Proposed Budget 2016 Amendments Discussed.

Norma requested a change in 2016 budget for Education Chair; Bill Cohagen made a motion to amend previously approved 2016 budget to increase Ed. Chair budget from $173 to $300. Discussion ensued and April 2nd the motion. All voted in favor to increase the original amount to $300 for proposed 2016 budget for Ed. chair.



The OSRC now has ability for using credit cards on site of events. The treasurer will just have to activate it per Bill Cohagen.

Student Representative; Joelle Wilson from OIT. Report given. Introduced New Student Representative; Travis Chagnon in more detail. Discussed student pinning ceremony. Fundraisers covered all expenses. Joelle to assist Travis with creation of Policy and Procedure for student representative for future representatives ease of transitioning into position on OSRC board. Joelle has an interested in continuing on the OSRC Board.


Director’s Reports:


Eastern: Report: Norman Kerr-Not Present No Report given to secretary electronically at this time. See Central Region Report per Ray Tackett re: Grande Ronde Hospital.

Northwest: Jeff Cowgill– Present. Report given.

-Nancy Lapka’s position at Providence Portland Medical Center is vacant. Position opening discussed and the lack of new hires for managerial positions.

-Brad Meyers took clinical Manager at OHSU.

-Tim Hutchinson has new job as Critical Care Territory Manager at Maquet Getinge Group.

-Discussed the RegOnline need for increased conference fees?

-Jeff to address the possibilities of having the ‘ AARC member number’ added onto registration form for next year’s conference to ensure proper use of CEU’s and registration fees.

Northeast: Gina Cochenour- Not Present. No Report Given. President Renee requested an electronic report given to April V. april.venes@oit.edu for next meeting.


Central: Ray Tackett- Present-No Report given at this time due orientation to new position.

-Norma and Ray mentioned Danita Tanner has taken a new position in Grande Ronde. Nurse Manager filled Danita Tanner’s position at McKenzie Willamette Hospital.

-Marilyn Barclay’s managerial position in Albany filled by nurse manager.

-There are 12 RCP positions open within the Samaritan Health Services in Albany and other Samaritan facilities. Check employment link on OSRC website for more detail of job openings.


Southern: Jeff Pardy-Not Present- No Report given. Joelle and Travis shared;

-15 OIT students graduated from OIT on-campus BSRC program. 5 new BSRC RT’s grads hired locally near OIT and 1 in Bend.

-OIT ready to begin Master’s in Allied Health-Advanced degree with and emphasis on RC.(Possibly 48 cr. required if BSRC already completed. Taking applications for September.)

Delegate Report: Joe Dwan and Tim Hutchison– Joe Present.

HOUSE OF DELEGATES: 2016 Summer Forum HOD meeting, Ponte Verde, Florida

-HR 2948 now has 60 cosponsors for the Parity Act Medicare Telehealth bill, including DeFazio & Walden. This is an election year and 100% of the House is up for election while 50% of the Senate, so they may listen to constituents wanting this bill to pass.

-The AARC has hired a new lobbyist firm.

-Connect for Health Act HR 4442 is a demo project for Telehealth. Requires “current Medicare Providors” which excludes RTs. AARC is trying to include RTs.

-Neither Bill will be passed this election year. Will be reintroduced next year.

-Supreme Court decision on NC Dental Board and non-licensed practitioners may affect all licensing boards.

-Ventilators, national coverage determination is expected to be established.

MACRA Regulations- new MD payment system begins in 2019. May create new opportunities for RTs and improvements in pt outcomes.

-AARC membership is flat at 48,000. Retention of student members is high priority as 100-150 RTs retire each month.

-APRT, advanced practice RT. Needs Assessment is in process. Curriculum is being developed by GOBRTE. Exam will need to be built but NBRC said they are willing. Legislation will need to be addressed.

-BSRT as minimum entry level” 2 yr programs in good standing. Help available on Education Section website with 1 on 1 help available. Frank said we cant set a date yet.

-Management Section Chair: Cheryl H. shared that CMS says a new reimbursement plan will be implemented in 2018. Quality, Value & outcomes will be emphasized, not reimbursement or widget counts.

-CAP & ABG labs discussed. Must have BS degree in biological, clinical or RT science degree to validate competencies for analysis (eg POCT). Not required for competency assessment to draw ABGs.

Since 2002-CEU’s are required to maintain credentials..Can use licensure CEu’s . Go to NBRC to give permission for transfer of Webcast CEu’s/OSRC conference CEU’s, etc.

PACT Report: Tony Garberg & Bill Cohagen– Present. Report given by Bill Cohagen. Shared report of Tony and Bill visits to Washington, DC. on Capitol Hill Day.

-All Senators and Representatives were awarded OSRC pins and made honorary OSRC members.

-Congressman Walden wore the OSRC lapel pins and was the most supportive by co-sponsoring the bill and being active with the COPD Caucus.

-Rep. Schrader is waiting for the CBO’s to return. (Medicare scoring/costs-hoping this is completed before election.)

-Senator Wyden is pro-HB2948 Will Introduce to Senate Committee once thorough the House Committee.

-Congressman DeFazio currently serving on the COPD Caucus. (Mother is a retired RN and is very supportive of the HB 2948.

-HB 2948 progress awaiting scoring of Medicare CBO’s

Committee Reports:


Education Chair/ScholarshipNorma Driscol-Present. Report given. Smoking cessation education is available for staff/managers encourage to go to website; rxforchange

Management Chair: Brad Zwiefelhofer– Not Present. Report discussed –August 9th Legacy Emmanuel in Portland to hold a management symposium. Monaghan was nice enough to let the OSRC work with them on this project. Patrick Dunne to be keynote speaker along with Garry Kauffman. Space limited to 22-25 Managers/directors. Handout given. Available on request.

Membership ChairVacant


Alternate site-Jim Fery– Not Present. Electronic Report given. Appreciation         from President and Secretary noted

  • Round 2 re-compete for Medicare is complete and goes into effect July 1. Further reduction in allowable for competitive bid DME will be in force. If the patient has Medicare part B either primary or secondary there are no local vendors that can supply small volume nebulizers or large volume nebulizers in competitive bid areas. Competitive bid pricing will affect all service areas however.
  • Medicare has reduced ventilator codes to 2; invasive and noninvasive and reduced reimbursement by about 30%
  • Some of my hospitals have instituted daily rounds specifically to limit readmissions of COPD and CHF frequent flyers to avoid Medicare penalties. It is a positive to be involved with these rounds as a team member. We usually have a pharmacist an RT an RN case manager and a tobacco cessation expert as well as DME representative.

-We continue to have RT students do some clinical hours at our Portland office.

Pulmonary RehabilitationNo longer a position. Added to alternate site position.

OHA Liaison- Tony Garberg– Not Present. Electronic Report sent by Joe D.. Joe shared information from Tony re: OHA meeting in March. See below;

Oregon Health Authority Report-Respiratory and Polysomnography Licensing Board-June 2016

Oregon Health Authority (OHA), formerly OHLA.

1) Office is moving to new location in Salem this fall. Parking should be improved

2) Discussion of BSRT as minimum entry level for OR state licensure revealed that the RT Licensure Act must be opened by legislative action and cannot be done by Rule changes.

3) RRT as minimum entry level for state licensure was requested by 2 RT & PSG board members to be on the OHA agenda but it was not on the agenda. When asked why not we were informed a public hearing must be held. We requested a public hearing be scheduled and will pursue with the OHA. The question of making BSRT minimum entry level was review by the assistant attorney general. She discussed it in detail and the conclusion is to make this change would require legislative action and opening up the current bill.

-OHA discussion ensued with letter to Governor and OHA for support of profession. A motion was made by Cathy Melero to draft a letter for OHA in support Ray 2nd the motion. Discussion on the matter occurred. All voted in favor.

-To change the BSRT as a minimum there would have to be a change in law and this opens up potential other unwanted changes.

-The RRT minimum credential for licensure-A hearing on this will occur possibly in October.

4) ECMO issue was brought to the OHA but this issue was addressed several years ago. That report was reviewed. ECMO is within the scope of practice for respiratory therapists so long as they confine their activities to cardiopulmonary activities are in our scope. This would include IV insertion so long as it’s for cardio-respiratory medications. The ruling is in old OHLA RT minutes.

5) Joel Glass, RPSGT, Committee Chair of RT/PSG, has resigned, as he is no longer working in the field. OHA will find a PSG replacement.

6.)Joe discussed the use of growth projection done by CSU Sac, and the outcomes data on the 2014 & 2015 CoARC Report.

Old Business:

  1. OSRC revised bylaws 2016 were approved by the AARC. The revised bylaws are good for 5 more years. Bill will send copy to April V.
  2. 2. Discussion re: Military Liaison in process.-AARC has required all state affiliates to provide a military liaison to help facilitate veterans obtain a respiratory therapy degree or if they are already an RT, will help them obtain a job.

New Business:

  1. Bill and Renee discussed Leadership Boot Camp details

2.Discussed sign-ups for OSRC to encourage membership.

  1. Vacancies- 2nd Central Regional Director?

-Membership Committee position.

-Public Awareness positions vacant soon. -David Crone expressed interest in-after graduation? Encouraged him to attend next OSRC meeting?

-Managers need to unite to deal with the struggles of how to increase pay to encourage the hiring of qualified RT’s

Next Board of Director’s Meetings

1.) Changed September 16, 2016; Friday @10am-2pm Silverton, OR. To be arranged by Renee

2.) November 18, 2016; Friday @ 10am.-2pm. Salem, OR. To be determined

3.) February 17, 2017; Friday @ 10am-2pm. OIT Wilsonville Campus. To be arranged by Jeff Pardy.

4.) March 01,2017: Tuesday @ 6pm. Pre-conference Meeting @ Conference site. To be arranged by VP.

5.) March 02, 2017; Thursday @ 1400 Post conference Meeting @ Conference site. To be arranged by VP.

Meeting Adjourned at 13:55


Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,

April Venes, RRT, BSRC

July 09, 2016 (updated September 20, 2016)

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