Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2015  

Salem Hospital

Salem, Oregon


Present: Bill Cohagen, Pedro Cabrera, Jeff Cowgill, Cathy Melero, Emily Uridil April Venes, Denise Meyers, Tony Garberg, Renee Angstrom, Joelle Wilson, Mark Brodie, Manya Kanavalov, Marilyn Barclay, Brad Zwiefelhofer, Andrew Rowe and Gina Cochenour.

Phone conferencing available-Unused.

 Not Present: Joe Dwan Tim Hutchison, Mary Jo Eyler, Norma Driscoll, Carl Eckrode and Susan Pfanner

No Visitors

Called to order at 1009 on Friday, September 11, 2015, by President Renee Angstrom.

A quorum was established. Approval of Agenda-Renee made motion to approve Agenda The was motion by Bill Cohagen. All voted in favor to approve the Agenda.

 Approval of Minutes: June 12, 2015 Meeting minutes presented via e-mail and at BOD Meeting. Motioned to approve last meeting minutes made by Bill Cohagen, Manya 2nd the motion. No discussion needed. All voted in favor to approve June 12, 2015, BOD meeting minutes.

 Updated BOD Contact List– Due to website issues. Please contact Renee, Cathy and/or April with recent changes in your regions.

 President’s Report: Renee Angstrom-Present-Welcomed Gina Cochenour to the NE Director position. Introductions made. Thanks to all that sent their reports electronically to April Venes pre-meeting. Please continue this request from President and Secretary for future BOD meetings.

 Congratulations to Bill Cohagen on becoming the Captain of National COPD Association.

 Vice President’s Report: Manya Kanavalov-Conference Report given By Denise Meyers and Manya. March 2-3rd 2016 OSRC Conference Theme; Excellence in Respiratory Care- The future is you. Speakers are set except for two more needed. Jeff Cowgill will look into Jeff Halbert for Pediatric presentation.   May be able to get Romin William a CF mom to speak with the Vendor Smart Vestâ sponsoring Denise will check into this. For the future the Nitric vendor group has expressed interest in sponsoring speakers.

–Contact persons for speakers need to submit Bio’s and timeslots speakers unable to speak in as soon as able to Denise. Meyers so it can be included on the flyers/program. Timelines Send by October-

Conference reminder ‘save the date cards’. Conference Flyers after Christmas.

Social Mixer hour will be supported by Terlato Wines. 5:30-7:30 Wine tasting.

6 wineries will be represented during this time from California and France.

Manya will write a letter to Pete to check to see if able to waive/help with the $200.00 set-up cork fees? Approximately 30 bottles will be available. Food is required-cheese and cracker platters are an option ($225 for 50 people) and a 20% service charge will be included. Ordering the specialty wine glasses as an option discussed.   Request made that the Vendors may be interested in donating for the Social/Mixer. Discuss with Time and Jeff to include on Conference Registration Brochure (RegonLine) this as an option for vendor to add $25 for Wednesday night social mixer. No Chili cook-off this coming conference. 300 Blue Folder packets will be supplied for attendees Hotel to supply the pen and paper.

Alternate sites for future conferences discussed. Woodburn ; ‘The Woodlands.

Ashland considered may be too far and expensive to travel for largest group of attendees?


Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay– Report given. Electronic report submitted. Budget reviewed. Tax audit committee meeting rescheduled for November 13, in Albany @ 9am before BOD meeting. (Pedro, Tim and Emily) Checkbook balanced. September 2016-16 Credit Card information needed for Renee.

Congratulations to Bill Cohagen on becoming the Captain of the National COPD Association.


Student Representative; Joelle Wilson from OIT.   Report given. Thank you notes need to be purchased by Secretary for Donors. More Raffle items needed. April has contacted Carl in regards to a student representative from Mt. Hood Community College. He has been invited to the next meeting. Norma will look into a student representative from Lane Community College?  Carl Eckrode has submitted a name for consideration for Student Representative from MHCC.

Director’s Reports:

Eastern: Report: Tony Garberg-Not present. Report given electronically

-Pendleton is in the process of adding night shift they currently have one night shift therapist hired they plan on hiring two full-time night shift therapists and covering the additional night shift with a per diem therapist.

–Pioneer Memorial in Hepner is working on a high flow heated nasal cannula system for mild hypothermia patients.

–Good shepherd in Hermiston has expanded surgery suites by proximately 5000 Sq ft. adding three new surgery rooms bringing day surgery capacity to 21 with a total of six surgery suites.  Hermiston is also partnering with the Boardman clinic hospital to provide out reach holter monitor services. We have also installed Epiphany management system to manage electronic cardiology exams and will be expanding it in the future.

–No response from the following hospitals; LaGrande, John Day, Burns, Wallowa memorial and Ontario.

Tony received request from Tim to approve Reg-online changes. Motion made by Tony 2nd by Marilyn. All voted in favor.

 Northwest: Jeff Cowgill– Present. Report given. Electronic report submitted.

  • NW hospital system current hiring trends—Discussion of IV placement in ECHO etc. Bill Cohagen to assist with P&P/scope of practice.
  • Legacy Emanuel just hired 4 full time and more on-call positions available
  • Legacy Good Sam 2 open positions
  • Kaiser Sunny Side just hired 6 fulltime RT’s
  • OHSU—hiring
  • Providence (St. Vincent’s and Portland)—hiring.                                           Notes—-Gale at Kaiser Sunnyside had difficulty finding good RT’s to hire and would like to ultimately cross train their RT’s to work as Case Managers as well.
  • Ace at Legacy Emanuel reports—they are going to be offering an “Echmo Specialist Role” in the near future.

I will assist Tim with Reg-online as well moving forward to help lighten his work load for the upcoming conference.

Agenda thoughts on the upcoming OSRC—Wine bar discussed above in VP.

Northeast: Gina Cochneour Present. Welcomed to the Board. No report at this time.

Central: Andrew Rowe-Report Given Electronic report submitted. Samaritan —–North Lincoln Hospital (Mgr: Brad Zwiefelhofer; email: bzwiefelhofe@samhealth.org, 541-557-6212)

  • Concerns: No concerns expressed with communication
  • Updates: Dept continues to grow
  • Job Openings: Fully staffed at this time.

–St. Charles Madras Hospital (541-460-4053) Manager Tim RN. Working supervisor. Pam Campbell. No contact 9/5

–Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital (Mgr: Will Rogers 541-265-2244 ext. 4724) left message waiting for contact

–Pioneer Memorial Hospital (Mgr: Cheryl Taylor, 541-447-6257 ext 239) no contact 9/5

–St. Charles Redmond Hospital (Mgr: Ginny Price, 541-548-8131 email sent 9/2 (need contact info)

–Lower Umpqua Hospital District (Mgr: Matt Bolin, 541-662-1168) need to contact.

–Peace Harbor Hospital (Mgr: Ronnie Walker, 541-902-6014) email:rwalker@peacehealth.org email sent 9/2

–Silverton Hospital (Mgr: Renee Angstrom, 503-873-1673, rangstrom@silvertonhealth.org 

Response received for this quarter 8/31

  • Concerns: none at this time
  • Updates: Continuing transition to Legacy System
  • Job Openings: PT Therapist position open this fall

–McKenzie-Willamette Hospital (Mgr: Denita Tanner, 541-726-4400 ext 4946, dentan@mckweb.com) email sent 9/2

–Santiam Memorial Hospital (Mgr: Steve Dickman, 503-769-9216), sdickman@santiamhospital.org   updated contact info email sent 9/5

Central Coastal: Emily Uridil Report given. Electronic report submitted. \

–Coquille Valley Hospital; now does cardiac testing, stress testing (treadmills) along with holter monitors (applied, cleaned, all but interpret studies). They are in the works for taking over EKG’s, still in the fine tuning stages. They are partnering with Nuclear Med for cardiac stress testing. Team leaders for mock code training for about 8 months, performed once a month and are working on revamping/improving the code carts. They also perform emergent intubations – recently purchased a glidescope and have a training program along side/for ER physicians. They have seen in increased volume in the cardiac area as well as the outpatient (by about 30%) and increase in quality. They perform and analyze ALL ABG’s and recently EXCEEDED the state quality control. They are also looking to upgrade to a DLCO for the PFT lab.

–Southern Coos Hospital & Health Centernew management, Cheryl Etheridge Johnson, has been an RT for 20 years but this is her very first management position. She’s been there since March. Nothing to report at this time.

–Bay Area HospitalRecently had a big expansion for the hospital in patient care and ICU, otherwise nothing else to report. Dustina did have a concern about our education, however. She wanted to know why education for ACLS, PALS, NRP, BLS cards were changed. At their hospital, it’s mandatory and being that the therapists are lower paid in the hospital setting for our scope of practice, it’s really difficult for them to make it to those classes due to travel time, some of them have to get hotels, the various costs that people who live in town as opposed to people who don’t, have to plan for. (OSRC Board stated that if mandatory the facility often times will pay for employees to take these no charge on site)

–Salem HospitalNo vacancies. 4 new FTEs created this year. New NICU vents on way, New PFT system with body box pending. Affiliation with OHSU near completion (Oct. 1) Training for RTs doing Trans-pulmonary Pressure monitoring starting in October with the RT placing the esophageal balloons.

Working with the intensivists to transition A-line inserts and intubations from physicians to RTs. Enhancing our Resp Navigator program to include COPD protocols in final stages

–Samaritan North LincolnThanks Brad and Angie!

Left messages and emails with West Valley, Peace Harbor, Samaritan Pacific Communities, Central Oregon, and Santiam Memorial. No callbacks, no response via emails.

Southern: Pedro Cabrera-Present– Report given. Electronic report submitted.

–Ashland Hospital-RT’s Birthing Unit is very busy Patient satisfaction is excellent at this hospital.

–Asante Three Rivers-Sleep studies is pending state Approval

In home sleep studies is ready to start. ECG department with RT are ready to go with Seizure 5 day assessment. ALS clinic has started with RTs taking the lead.

–Oregon Institute of Technology-Has taken 5th in the nation with a distinguished award for best RT program out of 338 programs with credentials.

60 students in the 4 year BSRC program.

IV placement course needed for allowing a change on licensure?

Delegate Report: Joe Dwan-Tim Hutchison– Not present Electronic report submitted by both. Report given by April. The Big List /To Do List for Summer 2015 and HOD Report AZ July 17, 2015

–Medicare Telehealth Parity Act   HR 2948 Virtual Lobby week has launched. Please have all your state members send letters to their representatives. Use the following site            http://c.aarc.org/advocay/lobby_week/faq.cfm

— AARC is asking for a “military liaison” at the state/local level. The AARC wants to make sure we are helping our military RRT’s.   Appoint soon and let the following person know who your appointee is: Joseph.buhain@saintpaul.edu

–Share the following with your state BOD- requirements and responsibilities: —-All affiliates should be bonded, (46% are not) and have shared their articles of incorporation:

All should be sending in meeting minutes to Asha Desai asha.desai@aarc.org

All should be sending in financial statements and know their tax status 501 C 6

The AARC would like to see all affiliates be compliant by the end of 2015. (98% have not sent)- How can we improve the Affiliate reporting process?

–The AARC is very interested in and is seeking the help of the state affiliates for information in identifying specific costs of Medicaid COPD patients.

–The AARC would also like to ask the state affiliates to place the YouTube video on each states webpage of   “Don’t Be Like Steve” by Tony DeWitt, JD, RRT http://www.aarc.org/campaigns/dont-be-like-steve/

–The AARC has now changed how one can request Disaster Relief funds. A state president or delegate can now request the funds for members from their state who can benefit from the funds. They want to encourage members to apply for the funds.

— Sept. 21st is the deadline for all applicants to HOD student mentoring program whether your students are sponsored or not.

— New member benefit-In October, the AARC CRCEs will be downloaded to the NBRC to save members time of reporting CEUs for the NBRC Continuing Competency Program.

— Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) cost ~$75,000 each. Maybe work with other organizations to decrease costs

–The financial management PowerPoint is available in the AARConnect HOD library. Encourage all affiliates to review this with their BOD in order to protect the NFP status.   Imperative each affiliate follows the IRS regulations; file a 990 tax return each year, must file a 1099. If paid a speaker greater than $600- need ID 3 and SS # of speakers. Still need to pay sales tax .3 policies every NFP needs to have.

— NBRC new exam results: TMC ‘low cut’ (CRT level) pass rate 88.3% and high cut pass rate (RRT level) 80.7%. Note the Written registry pass rate was ~67% last year. The new Clinical Simulation exam pass rate was 58.5% 5738 people have taken the TMC and 3979 have taken the Clin Sim, Jan-May 2015.

–New Billing Codes for home vents beginning Jan 2016. Two codes, invasive and non-invasive home vents.

–AARC Bylaws were voted on with 3 requiring rework and passed after the rework.

— Must Haves: whistle blower policy (who to tell, no retribution clause), record retention policy, conflict of interest policy, written policies.

— Revenue checks (AARC) are sent 3rd week of Jan, April, July & Oct. Plz call AARC if you don’t receive them.

— AARC dues increase—Dues increasing on Oct. 1. Have not been increased since 2001. Encourage members to renew early and lock in current rates.


— AARC Advancing the Profession Committee is working towards an APRT credential but AARC Pres Frank said it may not include prescriptive powers!!! The AARC is also considering a Pulmonary Educator credential thru the NBRC.

–Summary: Bank acct should be balanced monthly, preferably by someone other than check writer

–Critical documents to have as an affiliate; Please send to AARC

Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, IRS tax exemption & form 1020, past financial reports (7 yrs) & tax returns (7yrs), Board minutes, Insurance paperwork. Banking resolution & check signer documents must be kept forever. (Cathy as historian will hold these documents)

PACT Report: Tony Garberg– Present. Report given. Electronic report given. Merkley to co-sponsor billThe Medicare Telehealth Parity Act was well received on Lobby Hill Day. We were 11th in the nation with the letter writing campaign.

-Discussed the CNA-2 issue of initiating CPAP/BiPAP. Each hospital will need to discuss what the CAN-2 scope of practice is for setting-up this equipment.

-HB 2305 passed Committee. This coming Tuesday (04/07/2015) there will be a vote in the House. An Amendment has been added to the bill regarding if credentialing exam passed, the candidate will get licensed.   Some of the 6 pathways to getting licensed in Oregon were reviewed. 1. 1600 hours of STAR (Sleep Technology Approved Recourse) Self study=OJT 2. Presently RN or RRT. 3. CoARC approved program. 4. International option. 5. Post inactive sleep personnel.

Committee Reports:

Sleep Ad Hoc : Mark Brodie Present. Report given Electronically. Attending the 2014 Congress in Vegas was great in dealing with sleep/home respiratory related issues/concerns.  From attending in the day-long sleep pre-conference, specialty group meetings, and many well planned out mini-courses it was great success and well worth!  In our sleep sectional session (only attended by 10 or so), I met with other state sectional chairs/others and discussed how to better to collaborate with each other and how to better market the section by increasing our membership numbers.  Thus between Vegas and next year’s Congress over at Tampa, some of us will be working on a marketing initiative to increase the sectional membership. Please put me down on our next BOD meeting’s agenda to report our sleep section’s membership/recruiting/marketing initiative

Education Chair/Scholarship: Norma Driscol Not Present. Electronic Report given. Last years scholarship and poster board contest information given for the committee to review, along with the scoring tools used for each. We have had a good response for the scholarships – not sure that you need to change that program much. However the board may want to look at the number of scholarships awarded and to whom.

-Students have not engaged in the poster board competition. We have had discussions concerning opening it up to every member. Further discussion ensued. Deadline date discussed. revise the awards for the contest to reflect the change to the TMC exam – as the award was to be given after the student submitted proof of passing the CRT or RRT written exam. It might be better at this time to just have 3 smaller cash awards given at the end of the conference.

Further discussion regarding committees and bylaws.

Management Chair: Brad ZwiefelhoferPresent. Report given. Electronic report submitted. Currently working with Mary Jo on ways to get our Respiratory Managers and Respiratory Therapist to join and get involved with the AARC. I am also working on calling our Managers throughout the state to one, promote the OSRC and AARC and find out ways either one of the organizations can help them. Two, give them ways that they can get involved with both organizations as well.

MembershipMary Jo Ehler– Not Present-No report given.

Alternate site-Jim Fery-Not present. No Report given. 

 Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Susan Pfanner, Not present No Report given. 

 OHLA Liaison- Tony Garberg– Present. Report given. Discussed polysomnography licensing issue. OHLA website for more details. Cathy to prepared and sent OSRC letterhead note with President’s position on polysomnogrphy pathways safety issue to OHLA. Cathy, Marilyn, Bill, Manya and April shared thoughts on difficulties and the potential problems of pathways especially those experienced at recent public hearing. More to come regarding the next steps with a passing vote via House Health Care Committee.

 Old Business: Bylaws revisions being done-Bill Cohagen will include the change in term limits for executive offices. Cathy made a motion to strike term limits for consecutive terms that are present in the current Bylaws. Marilyn moves that we accept the changes to bylaws including term limits mentioned by Cathy. Tony 2nd the motion All voted in favor.

New Business: Bill Cohagen showed OSRC lapel pin. Storage of paper work will go to historian from Secretary and zip drive will store further documents from now on. Need Jeff Pardy’s support in offering IV course at OIT. No need for change in bylaws/licensure but, could be in P & P’s.

-200 OSRC envelopes and letterhead to be ordered from local Eugene print shop, when needed.

Website up and running @ http://osrcpnw.org/

Approximately $30/month to maintain. Caleb Fennel, an IT website manager will come to next BOD meeting to present options for future website safety and design.

Next Board of Director’s Meetings

1.). November 13, 2015; Friday @ 10am-2pm. Albany. To be arranged by Marilyn

2.) February 19, 2016; Friday @ 10am-2pm. OIT Wilsonville Campus? To be arranged by Pedro.

3.) March 01, 2016; Tuesday @ 6pm. Pre-conference, Wilsonville Holiday Inn.

4.) March 03, 2016; Thursday @ 3pm. Post-conference, Wilsonville Holiday Inn.

Meeting Adjourned at 1340

Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,

April Venes, RRT, BSRC

October 12, 2015

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