Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

 September 16, 2016

The Oregon Gardens

Silverton, Oregon


Present: Jeff Cowgill, Cathy Melero, Tim Hutchison, April Venes, Renee Angstrom, Joe Dwan, Manya Kanavalov, Travis Chagnon, Sally Johnson, Marilyn Barclay, Norma Driscoll, Jeff Pardy and Ray Tackett. (Bold represents voting members)


Not Present:Bill Cohagen, Tony Garberg, Denise Meyers, Norman Kerr, James Fery, Dave Crone and Brad Zwiefelhofer

Called to order at 0959 on Friday, September 16, 2016 by President Renee Angstrom.

A quorum was established. Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes: March 01, 2016 and March 03, 2016 pre and post conference BOD meeting minutes approved with corrections made.


Updated BOD Contact List– Updates made to BOD Contact list.

President’s Report: Renee Angstrom-Present.

-Introductions made for visitor Sally Johnson.

-Swearing in Jeff Pardy-Southern Regional Director and new Treasurer-Cathy Melero to occur by President at November BOD meeting. (Introduce Troy Wilder next meeting.)

–Tour of Facilities at Oregon Gardens ensued after discussion of new potential location for 2018 conference site. Mostly positive feedback was given from BOD members during tour.

-Comments and concerns discussed regarding use of plastic chairs vs. others, quantity of electrical outlets for vendors, 6-foot vendor table access, vendors to bring own extension cords, vendor unload area, noise of heating system, transportation from conference area to Main lobby/rooms, and food options.

-Security inquiry made and assistant is available during conference issues that may come up. (All doors locked after exiting at end of day)

-2 projectors and only one screen available at Oregon Garden site.

-Shuttle and tram available with routes considered.


Vice President’s Report: Manya Kanavalov; Present-Report given.

-Oregon Gardens March 2018 Venue, food and beverage, AV equipment, vendor equipment projected costs and comparisons from past conference broken down and presented to BOD members. Superb work Manya.

-Conference Dates-

2017 March 2nd & 3rd

2018 March 7th & 8th

-List of 13-14 speakers and presentation topics reviewed for 2017 conference in Wilsonville (14 CEU’s)

-Conference Attendee Brochures-Options of color vs. black and white with speaker bios and photos along with vendor/hospital/school advertisements and note taking area discussed.


Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay– Present. Report given.

-Oregon Society for Respiratory Care Treasurer’s Report-September 16, 2016

Expenses; 06/16/2016- 09/16/2016            $4,239.92

Income;   04/01/2016- 06/16/2016            $921.17

Bank balance as of 08/31/2016            $58,870

Outstanding deposits                                   $0

Outstanding credit card charges            $0

Outstanding checks                                   $699.57

Balance as of 06/16/2016                       $56,171.03

Balance as of 10/31/2015 was approximately $40,189


-Reviewed taxes, budgets for present term. Discussed 2008 taxes with BOD members and Cathy Melero incoming Treasurer.

Marilyn resigned from position and Cathy Melero to take over for November 2016 BOD meeting.


Student Representative; Travis Chagnon-(OIT) Sallie Johnson(LCC). Present-Report given. No electronic report at this time. -Very pleased with the updated RT equipment available at OIT. Travis and Sally from both have expressed the benefits from having the clinical simulation mannequins and clinical practice for exams.


Director’s Reports:


Eastern: Report: Norman Kerr-Not Present; No Report given to secretary electronically at this time.

Northwest: Jeff Cowgill– Present. Report given.

Providence St. V-Jeff Beebe vacating position.

Providence Portland George Ellis has vacated his position.

OHSU Sandra Ritchey-Wallace recovering-get well wishes sent.

Many job opportunities open in the Portland area.


Northeast: Vacant- No Report Given.


Central: Ray Tackett- Present- Report given. (no electronic report noted)

-Salem Hospital has hired IP/OP COPD position. Presently not job opportunities available at this time. TPP being used and the potential for decr. LOS noted.

-St. Charles Medical Center is very busy. New ICU opened. Have job openings available. Using capnography readily. Discussion on COPD OP/IP Blake Andrews

Bob Bence is in Bend- He was a BOD member in California.

-Silverton Hospital is affiliated with Legacy and will be switching to Epic Systems for medical records.

-Samaritan Albany General Hospital RT manager is presently Julie White.


Southern: Jeff Pardy-Present- Report given. No electronic report given at this time.

James Hulse is on Oregon Health licensing board

Skylakes Medical Center has job opportunities available.

Asante 3 Rivers Kathy Gallegos has purchased ACCS study program.

Delegate Report: Joe Dwan and Tim Hutchison– Joe and Tim Present.

HOD Report given by Tim Hutchison and Joe Dwan. Discussion regarding HOD advisory position only.

Resolutions Discussed;

-Resolution 27-16-1 Not on table-authored by Joe

-Resolution 27-16-2 Authored by Joe Dwan. -HOD to decr. HOD meetings from 2 to 1 per year. Webcast as alternative to meet instead of 2 physical face to face meetings.            A motion was made by Jeff to support Resolution 27-16-2 by OSRC. BOD members, voted and passed in support of Resolution 27-16-2.

-Resolution 27-16-3 Gives State Respiratory Society Presidents the ability to attend the HOD forum to vote and/or represent their State. A motion was made Tim Hutchison, Marilyn Barclay 2nd the motion. Voted and passed in favor of Resolution 27-16-3.

-Resolution 27-16-4 Authored by another state delegate. AARC to increase funding delegate assistance to state delegates that are unable to send delegates to HOD meetings due to financial reasons. A motion was made by Joe, April 2nd the motion OSRC in support of the AARC funding for delegate assistance to be increased for those state delegates that are financially unable to attend. Voted and passed in favor of Resolution 27-16-4.


PACT Report: Tony Garberg & Bill Cohagen– Not Present. Electronic Report given by Bill Cohagen and Tony Garberg.

-A contact push was made to the co-sponsors of HR 29478. This included Rep. G. Walden. Contact was made and the push was made with Rep. Walden concurring that we need this legislation prior to the upcoming presidential election.

-Tony Garberg continues to keep in touch with Rep. Walden’s Healthcare Liaison, Kristen, in the D.C. office on HR 2948 and other healthcare initiatives.

-Follow-up emails sent and in-state meetings will be scheduled when the calendars open.

-Waiting to hear on times for the AARC National Congress PACT meeting in San Antonio.


Committee Reports:


Education Chair/ScholarshipNorma Driscol-Present. Report given. Past conference-2016- there were 8-9 scholarships applicants.

-Updated BOD members on scholarship and poster board application process and forms.

-April Veneswill try to update applications and pdf’s on website to reflect 2017 conference.


Management Chair: Brad Zwiefelhofer– Not Present. No Report given.

Membership ChairVacant

Alternate site-Jim Fery– Not Present. No Electronic Report given.

Pulmonary RehabilitationNo longer a position. Added to alternate site position.

OHA Liaison- Tony Garberg– Not Present. Electronic Report given by Joe

-Discussion on RRT minimum. OHA stalling the ruling since 2015 OHA message was will not address until 2017. OSRC discussed action for the safety of the public.

-Joe Dwan will draft a letter for state representatives regarding this issue and send to BOD members. (Draft Done).


Old Business:

  1. Priced AV and lap top equipment for OSRC conferences and other OSRC business. Laptops are available to meet our needs starting around $299.00 and a projector starts around $499.00
  2. Strategic plan for 2017 is being worked on and will hopefully be sent to the Exec Committee prior to the next meeting.
  3. The Monaghan Leadership Symposium was well attended and was a value to RT leaders. Monaghan for letting the OSRC tag team in. Some recruiting was done during the reception time.
  4. Military Liaison-Troy Wilder will be added to the website.

New Business:

  1. Vacant positions; NE Regional Director, 2nd Central Regional Director, Membership, Public Awareness, and Marketing/Social Media.
  2. With the approval of the OSRC proposed bylaws by AARC they are now valid for the next 5 years.
  3. Continued work on the job policies for the OSRC and position job descriptions.


Next Board of Director’s Meetings

1.) November 18, 2016; Friday @ 10am.-2pm. Salem, OR. To be determined

2.) February 17, 2017; Friday @ 10am-2pm. OIT Wilsonville Campus. To be arranged by Jeff Pardy.

3.) February 28, 2017: Tuesday @ 6pm. Pre-conference Meeting @ Conference site. To be arranged by VP.

4.) March 02, 2017; Thursday @ 1400 Post conference Meeting @ Conference site. To be arranged by VP.

Meeting Adjourned at 1400


Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,

April Venes, RRT, BSRC

September 21, 2016

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